About Us

When the staff at Prosthetic Solutions of Indiana receives a prescription for a prosthetic device, we immediately  begin to develop a plan that provides the  patient with the most beneficial means of becoming a whole person again. And, becoming whole involves more than the development of an artificial limb, it includes the emotional counseling for grief and short term physical therapy that must occur before a patient can regain a normal lifestyle.



A Special Note from the Prosthetic Solutions staff about our website:

We the staff at prosindiana.com realize the power of words are as critical as the service we provide. Our goal in establishing this website is to present our services and knowledge in a manner that every patient and/or visitor will understand.  Our industry has varied on terminology and wording through the years. How we decided to display information on our website was mainly for our patients and those less informed, so if a section should be called Above Knee or Trans-Femoral we chose the less confusing of the two.  We understand the difference between medial and lateral, but realize every visitor to are website may not. And if we use a term that offends any visitor we apologize. Our entire staff knows that our patients and visitors should be called just one thing: people.

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