Meet the Staff


Excellence… It is not a skill, but an attitude.

James E. Goff, Certified Prosthetist
Jim Goff is the founder of Rehabilitation Institute of Indianapolis, now Prosthetic Solutions of Indiana.  He  joined the Marine Corp at the young age of 17, and was soon in active duty in the Vietnam War.  During his second tour in Vietnam a tragic accident caused him to become an amputee.  He has turned a tragedy into a  lifelong profession of  serving  amputees, causing him to become a leader in an industry that was in need of a craftsman. Jim attended Northwestern University, School of Prosthetics, to attain the needed education.  He would argue that it was the “hands on education” that has made him a leader in his industry.  Jim has been an example to his patients throughout his life.  His amputation hasn’t slowed him down; he still enjoys hobbies such as golf, fishing, and hunting.

James Goff Jr., Certified Prosthetist 
James Goff Jr. is an energetic, competitive person who loves assisting people and helping them achieve their goals in life. “I feel like I was born for this career path; growing up with a father who is an amputee, I saw no limits to his life as an amputee.” After graduating from Franklin Central High School in 1989, he attended Indiana University and Purdue University in Indianapolis before starting a family. He then began working in the family business, learning and being molded by his father. After a brief sabbatical from the O & P field, during which he managed and was a part of two large real estate brokerages on the south side of Indianapolis, he returned to the field with new experiences behind him and a new sense of enthusiasm for the field of prosthetics.  James’ faith in God and his love for his family are his top priorities, and those values pour over into his work at Prosthetic Solutions of Indiana.

Jeffrey M. Hartley, Certified Prosthetic Assistant
“Being in the right place at the right time” is how Jeff Hartley describes his start in the prosthesis field. Through years of hard work and dedication, Jeff took the “hands on” path to achieve his title of “certified prosthetic assistant.” “I’ve been fortunate to have worked with and trained by some of the best practitioners in our area,” Jeff recalls, reflecting back on his 27 years of service. Jeff’s approach to prosthetics is best summed up by his favorite motto, “pay attention to the details.” He feels that it is the details that can make the difference between average results versus optimum results. “When someone comes back to our facility with a story like: ‘I was able to get back into the woods to hunt again, or back on the golf course and shoot a good score,’ that’s when you know those details did make a difference and allowed people to carry on with their lives.”

Sami DeVries, Certified Prosthetist, Biomedical & Mechanical EngineerSami

Ms. DeVries has always had a strong drive to help people.  At Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, she completed degrees of M.S. Biomedical Engineering, B.S. Biomedical Engineering, and B.S. Mechanical Engineering.  After a couple of years as a product development engineer, Ms. DeVries discovered the field of prosthetics and found the perfect match for her skills and desire to work with people.  In 2013, Ms. DeVries completed the Prosthetics Certificate Program at Northwestern University.  Ms. DeVries enjoys designing custom solutions for patients.

Katie Richmond, Certified Prosthetist Orthotist

Katie was born and raised in Indianapolis.  At DePauw University, she majored in Kinesiology with an emphasis in sports medicine.  Art has always been a passion of hers.  She enjoys working with mediums such as photography, silversmithing, woodturning, and anything else that is hands on.  Katie found a career to combine her love of medicine, compassion for others, and joy of working with her hands in Prosthetics and Orthotics.  In 2014, Katie graduated with her Masters in Prosthetics and Orthotics from the University of Pittsburgh.  She is excited to be working and living in Indy again.

Front Office Staff

Our front office staff, Tami and Carla, complete our patient care team.  If a patient needs help coordinating office visits, has insurance reimbursement issues, or has any other general concerns, Tami and Carla are happy to help. Their focus is to provide patients with individualized care in order to ensure that each client’s experience at Prosthetic Solutions of Indiana is the best possible.