Patient Profiles

The most common concern of new amputee’s is the unexpected events that they must now face. To help clear this confusion the Prosthetic Solutions staff has been working with a select group of patients to provide information on different aspects and concerns facing every amputee.  The Prosthetic Solutions staff would like to personally thank every patient who has volunteered to help in this project.  If you have an interesting story or experience that would be helpful to other amputee’s and would like to participate contact us.

Patient Profile : Bill Caywood
Read Bill’s story about skiing in Colorado as reported in The Indianapolis Star.
Peak experience |

Patient Profile : Evan Mathias
View a slide presentation of Evan receiving new lower limb prosthesis.
Evan’s Slide Presentation |

Patient Profile : Rene Olibo
Follow Rene as he goes through the complete process of receiving new upper limb prosthesis.
Measuring and Casting | Check Socket FittingFitting and Delivery |

Patient Profile : Joe Stover
Sometimes, things just turn out right.
Notice |

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