Patient Profile : Evan Mathias

The Rehab Indy staff would like to thank the Mathias Family for allowing us to document Evan as he receive’s new prosthesis.

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The Rehab Indy staff has been providing prosthetic care for Evan for the past six years. Evan received his first pair of prosthesis at eleven months old. Two weeks later he began walking and hasn’t slowed down since. Evan’s dynamo demeaner and enthusiastic personality has earned him the nickname the “Evanator” around our facility.

Evan has never let his situation deter him from any activities, he is getting ready for his first year of baseball after playing two seasons of T-ball. He competed in soccer last fall.

This past winter he played his first season of basketball and scored four baskets in his final game. Evan also likes to challenge his dad on the links for a round of golf. The entire staff salutes Evan for his unstoppable spirit.