Prosthetic Development

When a patient first arrives at the Rehabilitation Institute they receive a thorough consultation and evaluation prior to the development of a custom prosthetic device.

The development of an artificial limb is a tedious process that requires a personalized approach to obtain a proper, custom fit. The actual process of creating a prosthetic device entails analysis, plaster casting, modification, plastic molding, fitting, finishing, and delivery.

Attention must always be focused on the residual limb at the outset and patient comfort and satisfaction as the outcome. All patients are special and unique and require a very personalized approch to healing. Some Patients may want an athletic prosthetic device to maximize movement, flexibility and strength.

Most patients want the cosmetic prosthetic device, that is humanizing with symmetry and a normal appearance. In all cases, the prosthetic device is custom made to an individual’s needs, using the most advanced components, materials, and techniques.