Elevated Vacuum Technology

If you ask Jim to roll up his pant leg, you’ll be surprised of the gadgets and gismos down there!  Elevated Vacuum is a new technology where the prosthesis uses a pump to create subatmospheric pressure within the socket.  This causes the socket to fit snugly and move with the leg.  There are many different pumps that can be integrated into a new prosthesis.  The Rehabilitation Institute of Indianapolis has been working with leading experts to stay on the cutting edge of this new technology.  One recent patient said “This is the most comfortable leg I’ve ever had!”  We could barely take the leg from him to finish it up!

Vacuum gage Elevated vacuum has many benefits in prosthetics.  The high vacuum applied between the liner and socket causes reduced positive pressure on the limb during stance and increased negative pressures during swing.  Blood is pulled into the limb, rather than being pushed out.  This improves the health of the limb; often, we see patients start to grow hair on their residual limb after switching to elevated vacuum.  Also, this increased negative pressure on the limb means that the blood is not pushed out of the limb (like other socket designs), and the socket remains comfortable throughout the day.  The negative pressure ensures intimate contact between the socket and liner, improving proprioception and reducing shear and pistoning.


Benefits include:parts of a socket

  • Facilitates circulation
  • Maintains intimate contact between the socket and liner
  • Stabilizes volume
  • Improves proprioception
  • Reduces shear and pistoning

Vacuum Assisted Blood Flow

  • High vacuum applied between the liner and the socket
  • Positive pressures during stance are reduced
  • Negative pressures during swing are increased
  • Blood is pulled into the limb rather than pushed out, stabilizing volume


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