Prosthetic Limbs for Kids

Children’s Prosthetics

Fitting a child with a prosthesis poses certain unigue challenges. Where as adults start out swollen and begin shrinking and must be constantly re-evaluated, with adjustments due to volume loss. Children must be fit with ample room to grow. There are several aspects to a childs prosthesis that must addressed to provide a proper fit to begin with, yet allowing adjustments to be made later, to accommodate the growth of the child.

The fit of the residual limb is the first area to be examined. Casting and fitting with a mulitply sock, such as a 5 ply or a combination of socks will allow personal fitting adjustments to be made. As the child grows, sock ply can be reduced from a 5 ply to a 3 ply to a 1 ply lengthing the time before the prosthesis will need to be replaced.

Fabrication of the prosthesis is the next area to explore. There are several areas of the prosthesis with proper forethought, that can be constructed with a lot of adjustability. Making a multi-layer insert allows the practitioner to remove small layers of the insert material to increase the volume of prosthesis. Also distal pads can placed inside the insert and adjusted as needed for growth. The plastic socket can be fabricated with an inner liner that when heated can be removed enlarging the fit of the prosthesis.
Constructing the prosthesis in a modular design like the two examples shown to the left. Every component can be changed or replaced to adapt the prosthesis to the constantly growing child amputee. Adjusting the length of the prosthesis or the foot size can easily be accommodated by this design.

For more options and in depth instructions on this prosthesis, contact the Prosthetic Solutions staff.