Prosthetic Arms

Upper Extremity

Upper extremity amputees are fitted with specially designed prostheses in order to restore a specific level of functionality and visual appearance of the missing limb.

The goal of each patient can vary, but many upper limb amputees desire to regain the ability to perform normal day-to-day activities with their new limb.

In order to accomplish this goal, the prosthesis must meet important criteria for the patient, including comfort, durability and when desired, aesthetic appeal.

Causes of Upper Limb Amputations

In the majority of cases, these amputations are caused by a particular trauma involving a machinery accident, vehicle crash, severe burn, or severe frostbite. In some instances surgery is performed to remove a limb that is diseased in some way.

Prosthetic Solutions & Upper Extremity Prosthetics

The Prosthetic Solutions of Indiana is a premier designer and fitter of uniquely tailored prosthetic devices for upper extremity amputees.

Our professional prosthetic practitioners and assistants are highly knowledgeable and experienced in evaluating a variety of upper limb amputations.

We apply the latest technology and techniques to help new prosthesis users make the most successful transition possible with their new limb.

The upper extremity prostheses we offer address the following levels of amputation:

  • Shoulder Disarticulation
  • Above Elbow
  • Below Elbow
  • Wrist Disarticulation

Choosing an Upper Limb Prosthesis

Finding the optimal upper extremity prosthesis is crucial to the ultimate success of each one of our patients.

However, this process can be difficult and challenging without the services of the right prosthetist.

As an experienced provider of a variety of prostheses developed specifically for upper limb amputees, we are able to guide the user into making the best choice regarding the many design options and operating systems available.

We educate the amputee on the various devices and components that will best suit his/her goals for mobility and function.

Importance of Function, Comfort and Aesthetic Appeal

Comfort, a high level of functionality and cosmetic appeal are important for most upper limb prosthetic users. At Prosthetic Solutions, we are sensitive to these desires and apply special emphasis on helping our patients meet these goals through a balanced approach involving the design, fitting and training stages of the rehabilitation process.