Myo-Electric Technology

Components for a below elbow myo-electric prosthesis

Unlike a conventional prosthesis that requires cables, a harness and body movements to operate the prosthesis. A myo-electric prosthesis relies on muscle contractions and thier resulting emg signals to power the prosthesis.

Electrodes are fabricated inside the prosthesis and make contact with the patients skin to read these contractions. When a patient makes a specific extension or flexion contration, the electrodes read the corresponding emg signal and relays this information to the terminal device allowing it to open or close.

A wrist rotator can be added to allow rotation of the terminal device and is powered by these same emg signals. Suspension for a myo prosthesis can vary from a self suspending socket design or by adding a suspension sleeve. A very life like finish can be achieved as seen in the photos below:

Optional device’s can easly be changed with the addition of a quick disconnect wrist. Below are two variations of available terminal devices for the myo prosthesis. The first is the recently designed Electric Terminal Device from Motion Control.

The second is the new i-LIMB hand from Touch Bionics, which the Prosthetic Solutions staff is accredited to provide.