At Prosthetic Solutions of Indiana, we understand the nature of both the physical and mental challenges that accompany your road to recovery. Our number one concern is to understand your unique situation and help you develop and reach both your short and long term goals.

Our staff is dedicated to becoming your partner in this journey. We provide you with the highest level of care that begins with your very first consultation and ends with your satisfaction. With honest, open communication and shared trust, we are here to support you during all the peaks and valleys of your rehabilitation experience.

Our commitment is to help you meet every challenge along the way toward your ultimate goal of achieving exceptional functionality and comfort with your new prosthesis.


Education and Involvement

Our rehabilitation team includes not only our experienced staff, but also our patients and their family members. In order to facilitate the highest level of progress during the rehabilitation process, we educate our patients and their loved ones about every aspect of their recovery and instruct them on the proper use and maintenance of their new prosthesis.

Our staff provides the resources, advice, and counsel necessary to give patients the support and knowledge they need to achieve important benchmarks along the way.

By making our patients an integral part of their own rehabilitation, they become more effective and intelligent stewards of their prosthesis and are better able to reach their goals for ideal functionality and enhanced quality of life.


Personalized Care Approach

Our entire approach to care is focused on the individual needs of our patients. We understand that the journey of each amputee is a unique one; that’s why from the moment you arrive at Rehabilitation Institute, we set out to get to know you better by answering your questions and concerns, and by assessing your needs and goals.

We know that the trauma of your amputation takes time to heal, both physically and emotionally. Therefore, we take a deliberate and personalized approach to care by developing the best prosthetic and rehabilitative solution to meet your individual needs. This means tailoring your custom designed prosthesis for optimal comfort, functionality, and appearance.

Our approach to rehabilitation and healing includes understanding, encouragement, and practical instruction on how to most effectively use your new prosthetic limb and regain the lifestyle you desire.