Silicone Prostheses

Is appearance of your prosthesis very important to you?  If so, a silicone prosthesis might be a solution for you!  Silicone prostheses are hand crafted from high definition silicone and hand painted to match skin tone and appearance.  We use silicone prostheses most com
monly for patients with partial hand or partial feet deficiency.

For partial hand deficiency, Touch Bionics product Living Skin is a beautiful solutionfeet vertical for partial hand silicone prostheses.  During the evaluation appointment, we take pictures and take casts of both hands so that Living Skin artists can properly shape and color your prosthesis.  Besides looking like a perfect match, it’s important to remember that passive prostheses like these still have important functional capabilities.  This includes actions such as pushing, pulling, stabilizing, supporting, light grasping, and typing.  LivingSkin prostheses can be created for parts for fingers, hands, and entire arms.

For persons with a partial foot amputation or deficiency, Prosthetic Solutions work with ARTech Laboratory to produce a superior product.  Photos and casts are taken of both feet and sent to ARTech Laboratory, where your silicone prosthesis is hand crafted and hand painted.  Although the silicone prosthesis does not give as much support as a higher level prosthesis, a silicone partial foot restoration does provide a natural propelling action during walking.  ARTech Laboratory can create prostheses for toes, feet, or entire legs.