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We are Prosthetic Solutions of Indiana, a trusted Indianapolis, IN, prosthetics supplier since 1991. Our on-site fabrication ensures top-quality, customizable prosthetic devices. We enhance lives by optimizing comfort, security, and usability. Specializing in custom fabrication, cutting-edge scan-based technology, and comprehensive maintenance services, we provide consultation, casting, molding, fabrication, and more. As we expand, we remain dedicated to serving Indianapolis and neighboring communities, committed to crafting personalized solutions for your unique needs.

James Goff Jr
James Goff JrCertified Prosthetist
James Goff Jr. is an energetic, competitive person who loves assisting people and helping them achieve their goals in life. “I feel like I was born for this career path; growing up with a father who is an amputee, I saw no limits to his life as an amputee.” After graduating from Franklin Central High School in 1989, he attended Indiana University and Purdue University in Indianapolis before starting a family. He then began working in the family business, learning and being molded by his father. After a brief sabbatical from the O & P field, during which he managed and was a part of two large real estate brokerages on the south side of Indianapolis, he returned to the field with new experiences behind him and a new sense of enthusiasm for the field of prosthetics. James’ faith in God and his love for his family are his top priorities, and those values pour over into his work at Prosthetic Solutions of Indiana.
Jeffrey M. Hartley
Jeffrey M. HartleyCertified Prosthetist
“Being in the right place at the right time” is how Jeff Hartley describes his start in the prosthesis field. Through years of hard work and dedication, Jeff took the “hands on” path to achieve his title of “certified prosthetic assistant.” “I’ve been fortunate to have worked with and trained by some of the best practitioners in our area,” Jeff recalls, reflecting back on his 27 years of service. Jeff’s approach to prosthetics is best summed up by his favorite motto, “pay attention to the details.” He feels that it is the details that can make the difference between average results versus optimum results. “When someone comes back to our facility with a story like: ‘I was able to get back into the woods to hunt again, or back on the golf course and shoot a good score,’ that’s when you know those details did make a difference and allowed people to carry on with their lives.”
Mark D'Amico
Mark D'AmicoAmerican Board Certified Prosthetist
In 1970, Mark’s life forever changed when he became an above-knee amputee from a lawnmower accident that took his left leg. In 1983 he had a life changing opportunity to test state-of-the-art prosthetics and in 1985 began his apprenticeship at the prosthetic research center in San Diego, CA. He has vast experience in the prosthetic industry and continues to work with manufactures to help improve lives of amputees. In 2004 Mark opened the Amputee Care Center to provide custom anatomical prosthetics with personal comprehensive care.

“It’s more than just providing a prosthetic device; its listening, supporting, educating and rehabilitation to ensure successful outcomes.”
As an American Board Certified Prosthetist he meets high standards of care and continues to gain knowledge to benefit patients. Mark thanks God for the privilege to serve and help amputees through the Amputee Care Center, continuously providing personal care with professional results.

KATIE BROWNFront Office Manager
STEVE RIVERAMarketing Manager




Our team is devoted to making the best possible prosthetics for our patients. We’re constantly improving upon our current products and developing new ones. Our customers always come first, so you can expect both a positive and rewarding experience!

Socket Technology

Our technology is second to none. We’ve built our entire brand around the importance of sockets, and we’re not slowing down any time soon. Our superior socket technology is what makes us so unique and synonymous with the industry!

New Technology

When it comes to our patients’ care, we are committed to maximizing their quality of life through the use of state-of-the-art prosthetic technologies that strive to make daily living as easy and comfortable as possible.


Prosthetic Solutions of Indiana, Inc. is a prosthetics manufacturer serving the entire state of Indiana. Our office in Indianapolis has become one of the leaders in artificial limbs in southern Indiana by providing consistent and professional care to our patients. After becoming a below-knee amputee in the Vietnam War, James E. Goff, CP decided he would like to serve amputees by creating prosthetic limbs. After experiencing the challenges of obtaining a prosthesis that was suitable for his lifestyle, he decided to create Prosthetic Solutions of Indiana in 1991, with the goal of providing high-quality prostheses directly to amputees at a reasonable price. Our mission is to provide compassionate care in an atmosphere that encourages individual dignity and self-confidence.

It is the mission of Prosthetic Solutions of Indiana to provide high quality, comprehensive prosthetic devices and services to amputees of all ages.

We are committed to utilizing all current and new technology, components, and education to generate the greatest mobility with maximum comfort to every patient, and to provide the highest quality care.

Prosthetic Solutions of Indiana is your one-stop shop for all your prosthetic needs. We have a team of experienced professionals that can assist you in choosing the proper device to fit your needs, whether it is a full leg, knee, or arm prosthesis. Our customer service staff is also available to help you manage any insurance payments or questions that may arise. With our state-of-the-art facility and a focus on each customer’s needs, Prosthetic Solutions of Indiana is committed to being your first choice for all medical and rehabilitation needs.

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